Provider Resource Central

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The Provider Resource Central is a Web-based portal that offers a secure, password-protected, centralized location where providers can view and download important resources for all their Peoples Health communications needs.

You can log on to the Provider Resource Central at using your Member Viewer ID and password or a Peoples Health-assigned ID and password. Member Viewer has been incorporated into the Provider Resource Central, and if you’re accustomed to using Member Viewer, you will continue to access the same information in Member Viewer in its new location. You will simply have additional resources at your fingertips.

screenshot of the login screen for Provider Resource Central

Via the Provider Resource Central, you can:

  • Access patient clinical information in Member Viewer.

  • Reference and download important resources, such as Medical Necessity and Pharmacy Request forms; Provider Reference Guide, Physician Team Referral Guides and Quick Reference Guides; all plan documents; policy and procedure guidelines; and current and past issues of Peoples Health publications, including the Provider Quarterly and Physician Bulletin.

  • Access quick links to network hospital and provider listings and to the Peoples Health Authorization Requirements Search, where providers can search authorization requirements for specific procedure codes.

  • Stay up to date on the latest Peoples Health news. The Provider Resource Central’s home page is updated regularly with important news and reminders about changes in processes or tools available to providers.

If you have any questions about using the Peoples Health Provider Resource Central or would like to request access, please contact your provider representative toll-free at  1-800-631-8443.