Your Questions Answered

We want to help you navigate the world of Medicare and understand the choices available to you.

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How can Peoples Health plans offer so much coverage?

Our Medicare Advantage plans are contracted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the federal agency that administers Medicare. When you join one of our plans, Medicare pays Peoples Health to administer your Medicare benefits.

Peoples Health saves money by keeping people healthy. Healthier people have lower healthcare costs, which is why we put so much emphasis on wellness programs, early detection, preventive medicine and coordination of care. We pass the savings back to our members through enhanced benefits.

Do I need to be 65 to enroll in a Peoples Health plan? Are there any special requirements to enroll?

You do not need to be 65 to enroll. Many of our members have Medicare due to a disability. The only requirements to enroll are:

A) You must reside in the plan service area.

B) You must have both Medicare Part A and Part B.

C) In general, you must not have end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Does Peoples Health replace my Medicare coverage?

No. When you enroll with Peoples Health, you are still enrolled in Medicare, but Peoples Health will administer your Medicare benefits. That’s why you must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

When can I switch plans?

In general, Medicare beneficiaries can change the way they receive their Medicare benefits for next year during the Annual Enrollment Period from October 15 through December 7. There are exceptions — for instance, if you are eligible for Medicaid, you can switch plans anytime. There is also a disenrollment period from January 1 through February 14 if you would like to return to Original Medicare.

Click here to learn about enrollment period exceptions >>

Do I need a physical exam to enroll in Peoples Health?

No. You are not required to take a physical exam. You cannot be refused enrollment with Peoples Health for any pre-existing condition except ESRD. That said, we encourage you to get a physical every year — even if you feel great.

What if I’m already enrolled in a prescription drug plan?

All Medicare Advantage plans from Peoples Health include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Medicare does not allow you to be enrolled in two Part D plans at once. When you enroll with Peoples Health, Medicare will transfer your Part D coverage from your previous plan to your Peoples Health plan. If you were paying a monthly premium for your previous Part D plan, you may now be able to save that money.

Do Peoples Health plans provide drug coverage through the “doughnut hole”?

Yes. All Peoples Health plans provide continuous coverage through the Medicare Part D coverage gap (also called the doughnut hole) for many generic drugs.