Peoples Health SNPs, which comply with and are structured according to the regulations of the CMS Managed Care Manual, provide specialized care for patients who have Medicare and who also qualify for Medicaid on the basis of income or disability. SNP patients tend to have more complex needs and include those who are frail, are disabled, have multiple comorbidities, have chronic illnesses, or are near the end of life. Most SNP patients benefit from lower out-of-pocket costs for most covered healthcare services and prescription drugs. They are eligible for benefits and waiver services through Louisiana Medicaid.

We created a SNP model of care that addresses these special needs via access to and utilization of affordable care, health education and assistance with management of complex health needs. The Peoples Health SNP Interdisciplinary Care Team evaluates the patients’ responses to the health risk assessment, along with available medical records, to create health goals, as well as an internal care plan composed of the patient’s problems, goals and interventions.

These care plans are completed within the first three months of enrollment and updated at least annually, as well as whenever the patient experiences a change in health status. These plans enable Peoples Health to better assist the patients in managing their health. Your participation in our SNP care-planning activities will help us meet quality performance requirements and ensure the best health outcomes for your Peoples Health SNP patients.

For 2017, Peoples Health offers two SNPs. The links below provide more information, including eligibility requirements, for each.

Peoples Health Secure Health (HMO SNP)
Peoples Health Secure Choice #011 (HMO SNP)