The ICD-10 implementation date was October 1, 2015.

Peoples Health encourages you to use the information we have compiled here, as well as other resources you have identified, to prepare your office for ICD-10 implementation. As part of your preparations, we encourage you to participate in acknowledgement testing with Medicare, to ensure you are prepared to send and receive transactions with ICD-10 codes.

Industry professionals recommend that you begin discussions now, if you have not already, with the vendors for your office’s software products that will be impacted by the transition to ICD-10. This will maximize the amount of time your vendors have to upgrade your software to support ICD-10 codes by the deadline.

As a reminder, your office’s ability to submit claims with ICD-10 codes for dates of services or dates of discharge on or after October 1 is required for these claims to be eligible for payment. Peoples Health and other health plans are only permitted to accept and pay claims for dates of service or dates of discharge on or after October 1 if they are submitted with ICD-10 codes.

Please review the other pages beneath this tab for:

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