Angela Hill standing“Do you know your opinion matters?”

Each year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) surveys Medicare Advantage plan members through the mail. CMS is the federal agency that administers the Medicare program.

The surveys ask members like you about their experiences with their healthcare plans, drug plans, and providers, including hospitals, home health care agencies and doctors.

“My friends at Peoples Health serve nearly 60,000 members, but fewer than 2,800 of those members will be sent a survey. So if you are one of the few who receive a survey, please fill it out. Your opinion really counts!”

CMS uses surveys to find out—directly from members like you—about the care you receive from your healthcare providers through the Medicare program and your Medicare health plan.

“This is your chance to help CMS and your health plan serve you better.”

All survey responses are confidential and will not affect enrollment in a Peoples Health plan.