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Are you new to Medicare Advantage?

Peoples Health offers Medicare Advantage plans to Louisiana residents who qualify for Medicare benefits.
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Knowing which healthcare providers are in the Peoples Health network is just as important as understanding your plan benefits! You keep your costs lowest by using physicians, hospitals pharmacies and other healthcare providers who are in our provider network. Click on one of the links below to find more information on the type of network provider you need.

stethoscopePhysician Search

Primary care physicians (PCPs) can help you coordinate your overall healthcare needs, and include doctors like internists and general and family practitioners. Specialists are doctors who provide healthcare services for a specific disease or part of the body, like oncologists (who care for patients with cancer) and cardiologists (who care for patients with heart conditions). Search to find out which PCPs and specialists are available for your Peoples Health plan.

prescription drugsPrescription Search

As a Peoples Health plan member, you receive prescription drug coverage as a standard benefit with your plan. Peoples Health covers an extensive list of both generic and brand-name drugs on our formulary. Search to see how specific drugs are covered by our formulary and their costs.

symbol for hospitalHospitals

The Peoples Health provider network includes numerous hospitals that you can utilize for your hospital needs, whether it is for a scheduled inpatient or outpatient stay or for an emergency visit. View a listing of our network hospitals for your Peoples Health plan to find one in your area.

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