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Medicare Advantage?

If you're turning 65 or are now eligible for Medicare, a Medicare Advantage plan may be an option for you to receive your Medicare benefits.
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Plan documents


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Peoples Health offers Medicare Advantage
plans to Louisiana residents who qualify
for Medicare benefits. All plan information
is available online for your review.


Knowing which healthcare providers are in the Peoples Health network is just as important as understanding your plan benefits!


Stay up to date on what's new with Peoples Health and programs that may be of interest to you.

Not just a health plan, a plan for your health.

Image of a doctor and a patient A Medicare Advantage plan from Peoples Health is more than just a health plan. It's a plan for your health. Fact is, good health doesn't happen by chance; it's a path we choose. And with Peoples Health, you've got the support and resources to stay on your chosen path and love life longer.

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